AhadithScalded Hearts


قال الصادق (ص):
وارحَم تِلك الأعين التي جَرت دُموعُها رحمَةً لنا وارحم تِلك القُلوب التي جَزعت واحترقت لنا وارحَم الصًَرخة التي كانت لنا

Imam Sadiq (A.S.) (while sitting on the prayer mat prayed for the mourners and those going for the ziarat of the Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) as follows)

O' Lord, have mercy upon those eyes, which have shed tears in compassion for us; and upon those hearts, which have been restless and blistered for us; and upon those wailings, which have been for us.

Source: Bihar al‑Anwar vol 98 , pg. 8.