Names of AllahAl-Hadi - The Guide, The Way



"Al-Hadi" is an Attribute derived, linguistically, from hidya, guidance, which means: to attract someone to something, such as attracting the heart of a believer to al-Hadi, to the One Who provides such guidance. Guidance means bringing the hearts closer to the Almighty.

Al-Hadi in the Quran (Chapter 25)

وَكَذَٰلِكَ جَعَلْنَا لِكُلِّ نَبِىٍّ عَدُوًّا مِّنَ ٱلْمُجْرِمِينَ وَكَفَىٰ بِرَبِّكَ هَادِيًا وَنَصِيرًا ﴿٣١﴾

And thus have We made for every prophet an enemy from among the sinners and sufficient is your Lord as a Guide and a Helper.