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 The Prophet of Allah (pbuh) has said: “Sha’ban is my month”. He used to fast for the whole month of Sha’ban. Imam Ali Zaynul-Abideen (pbuh) has said, “Whosoever loves the Prophet and wishes to seek nearness to Allah receiving His bounties, favours and rewards in this world and in the hereafter, must connect Sha’ban with the month of Ramadhan in the matter of fasting and special prayers”. Rasulullah (pbuh) has also said: "Whosoever observes nine fasts in the month of Sha’ban should not fear the interrogation of Munkar & Nakeer in the grave. Whosoever observes twelve fasts in the month of Sha’ban, 70,000 angels will descend over his/her grave on the first night of his burial,( the night of wahshah - restlessness) to remove his/her fear & loneliness”.

Imam Ali (pbuh) once saw some Muslims arguing among themselves on the subject of decree and destiny, on the first day of Sha’ban. He discouraged them from their preoccupation and instead drew their attention to the merits of the month. He said that the Lord had called it Sha’ban because His favours and bounties were scattered (sha’aba) all over during it. Allah presents His great bounties in this month which are easy to attain. Imam (pbuh) then enumerated some of the good actions which should not be overlooked in this month. These include salaa, (prayer), zakat (charity), amr bil ma’roof (enjoining of good), nahyi anil munkar (forbidding of evil), goodness to parents, relatives, neighbours, mutual reconciliation and giving charity to the poor and the destitute.

Supplications & Ziyarats for Sha'ban