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Ziyarat is an arabic term that literally means a visit, and is used to refer piligrimage to sites associated with Prophet Muhammad and his pure progeny.

The word Ziyarat has its roots in "zawr", which means to deflect or draw away from something. A zair is called so because he deflects from everyone other than the one whom he intends to visit.

The grand Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli in his masterpiece 'Adabe Finaye Muqarraban' says

Ziyarat is the mystical presence of the fervent lover in the dwelling of the Beloved; it is the visitor's passionate encounter of the abode of the visited one; it is the lover's expression of intense love and consideration for the beloved; it is when the enamored one sincerely gives his heart in the alley of the possessor of the heart ...

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