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Imam Baqer (AS) died on 7th Zilhajj of poisoning by Hisham bin Abdul Malik in Madina in 114 A.H. He is buried at Baqi near his father Imam Ali Zain ul Abideen(as).

السلام عليك يا إمام الهدى
Peace Be On You, O Imam Of Sound Advice!
السلام عليك يا بدر الدجى
Peace Be On You, O Moon In Darkness !
السلام عليك يا كهف التقى
Peace Be On You, O Shelter Of Piety!
السلام عليك يا قائد أهل التقوى
Peace Be On You, O Leader Of Pious Ones!
السلام عليك يا باقر علم النبيين
Peace Be On You, O Revealer Of The Knowledge Of Prophets!
السلام عليك يا زين السموات
Peace Be On You, O Prestige Of The Skies
والأرضين ، اللهم كما جعلته علما
And The Earths! O Allah! In The Same Way As You Made Him As The Protector
لعبادك ومستودعا لحلمك ومترجما
Of Your Beings And The Trustee Of Your Tolerance And The Translator
لوحيك فصلي عليه أفضل ما صليت
Of Your Messages, Send The Choicest Blessings
على أحد من ذرية أنبيائك وأصفيائك
On Him-Blessings Sent By You On The Descendants Of Your Prophets And On Your Select Beings
ورسلك وأمنائك يا رب العلمين
And On Your Apostles And On Your Trustees. O Lord Of The Worlds!

'Ziyarat of Imam Baqer' is tagged in Imam Baqir collection. See other ziyarat's from Imam Baqir

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